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The Cape Town Diaries 2024 - Week 1

Updated: Apr 25

Since our arrival in Cape Town on January 17th, we've been soaking up all the fantastic conditions on offer.

From surfing sessions and to windsurfing and kitesurfing, we've been making the most of getting on the water at every opportunity.

Big Bay has been serving up ideal conditions for surfing, with mornings providing smaller waves and then lots of fun windsurfing when the wind picks up. Despite the occasional bigger sets, heading upwind and waiting for a smaller set allows for getting out easily before some fun wave riding on the way in. Although this is something we’re all hoping to work on while we’re here!

When the wind is here it has been consistently windy, with Emma and Kat out on 3.6m, while Mikey has been cruising on a 4m.

Our kitesurfing has also been pretty full power, and we’re looking forward to exploring new spots by the sea. Despite Mikey taking it easy during his recovery from an injury, he's loving the kite sessions in Cape Town, saying “without trying I’m going so high, it’s like nothing I’ve experienced before”.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Cape Town adventures!

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