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The Beach Watersports Littlehampton offers quality tuition from RYA qualified instructors who have a real passion for coaching beginner to advanced students.

Beginner windsurfing lessons on Littlehampton beach run 2-3 hours before and after low tide, this gives us up to 150m of flat, knee to waist deep water which is ideal for beginners to advanced sailors.


1-2 Hours

Age 10+


Child with a Windsurf Rig

We recommend bringing footwear for going in the sea as we get a few stones in the shallows, either wetsuit shoes or an old pair of trainers.


If you aren't sure about which lesson to book, please get in touch and we'll make sure you're on the best one that matches your experience and skill level.

This session is for complete beginners.

The session will begin with a comprehensive introduction to windsurfing, including the windsurf board and sail.


As you progress, you will move on to mastering steering and different types of turns on the water. By the end of the session, you will be gaining the confidence and ability to sail across the wind and make turns with ease.


1 Hour
Age 10+



This session is for those that can windsurf and want to progress to the next level.

Do you own equipment and need a few tips to nail those waterstarts, gybes or loops? Or its your first time sailing in waves on the sea we've got you covered.

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