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The Final Cape Town Diaries - Week 6

The last week in Cape Town was a total whirlwind! Luckily, the wind kicked in, and we had some epic conditions everywhere – wave sailing at Scarborough, freestyling on the lake, and some epic kitesurfing action at sea! With the season winding down, fewer folks were hitting the water, making the water much more relaxing. Mikey even got to pull off some crazy high jumps without dodging too many people.

Another reason the last couple of weeks were more exciting than usual is, Emma and Mikey tied the knot! Originally planning a sunny Cape Town wedding, the forecast turned gloomy, so they decided to shift things around last minute. This involved some last minute planning, but the day turned out fantastic with perfect weather in the end. Even with the change in plans they both still managed to get out windsurfing the night before the wedding and Mikey made it out in the surf the morning of!

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