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The Cape Town Diaries - Week 4

Another week kicked off at Brandvlei with the arrival of strong winds, prompting Emma and Mikey to share their smallest windsurf sail, a 3.6m. This led to challenging but fun conditions and some fairly big chop in the middle of the large lake. Luckily the wind dropped a bit, also giving the water time to flatten off slightly.  Windsurfing in Cape Town can be pretty full on with our most used sail sizes definitely being 3.6 and 4m.

Saturday marked the start of the Freestyle Pro Tour, at the Milnerton Aquatic Club lake. The day offered extremely windy conditions with some of the girls competing on 3.3m sails and wind speeds of over 35 knots. Mikey embraced a new role as a competition judge at this event. He was among four judges tasked with scoring the competitors' moves, with the competition running between 2pm to 8pm. He commented on getting insights into the smooth running of the event and the mechanics of the live scoring system. The event drew some of the world's best sailors, providing a very exciting watch for spectators as well as judges!

Among the competitors were several British riders, including Jamie Howard, a familiar face at The Beach Littlehampton, and a recipient of support from our some of our membership funds. Currently positioned in joint 5th, with George, the creator of this weeks ‘Video of the Week’ and Adam, the tour manager. We’re looking forward to seeing the competition finish later on this week. You can stay up to date by following their instagram here.

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